If you desire a successful project without the need to micro-manage the process, we can work with you to establish the project success criteria and deliver a project that meets your expectations.

If you are more interested in the final project objective than with the process used to achieve the objective these CtR services are for you.  The turnkey project approach is typically the least disruptive to the client’s core business and is usually the least stressful type project for the client.  Key things that we do to reduce disruption and stress:

  • Define the project success criteria early
  • Reduce the involvement of the client to only the key project decisions
  • Plan the project in great detail
  • Format our project documents to meet client expectations
  • Report project status frequently to keep the client informed
  • Represent the client professionally at all times
  • Maintain tight control over the construction site and strive to be transparent to the client.

If you want a stress-free, successful project please contact us and find out how we can help you.