Production Line Integration at CtR encompasses the merging of multiple engineering disciplines to provide a complete design which takes into account the operation, maintenance, sanitation and raw material flow for a packaging process. It is not just enough to overlay a state of the art PLC managed control scheme on a line if the equipment centers, conveying system and process flow are positioned without appropriate accumulation and recovery concepts. Each machine with its inherent product flow requirements must be optimized based on the unique performance characteristics of each area of the line. Our engineers bring their packaging system and product knowledge to the forefront in our team focused environment to optimize the flow of containers and raw materials to meet the expectations for the project parameters. Documentation formats, standard drawing disciplines and project management software provide a basis for all projects to progress consistently from Conceptual Design, to Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management and finally Commissioning and close-out. We also value our relationships with equipment, conveyor and raw material vendors to maintain a current library of layouts, design templates and utility requirements.

The combination of experienced resources, standard processes and solid relationships with vendors and contractors in a team environment provides the winning formula for your next project.