Our projects have typically been focused on addressing one or more of the following project objectives:

Added Production Capacity

  • Achieved through adding new production lines and support systems. This can include the design and construction of new structures to house the production equipment.
  • Achieved through upgrading existing equipment that is limiting the overall line production capacity.

Added Production Capability

  • Install new, or convert existing, equipment and systems to add new products or packages to their present manufacturing base.

Reduction of Production Operating Costs

  • We have performed audits and studies that identify opportunities which can be prioritized based on the expected return on investment
  • We have added equipment and systems to bring some raw materials converting processes in-house.
  • We have relocated manufacturing assets to reduce transportation costs.

How We Obtain Project Success

Establish Success Criteria Early
We align very early with our clients to properly define project success. It’s critically important that we have a clear understanding of our client’s expectations.

Apply the Best Resources
CtR maintains the core, in-house, disciplines required to plan and manage a successful project. In addition our in-house resources, CtR maintain a continent-wide roster of best-in-class OEM’s, specialty engineering firms, contractors, and others. These outside resources will be incorporated into the project team as deemed appropriate.

Build Strong Project Teams
In addition to our exceptional engineering and project management skills, we consider ourselves expert team builders. We know that no successful project happens without a strong, will managed, disciplined, project team. We work hard at the beginning of a project to assemble the strongest team possible. This initial team building helps us assure project success to our clients.

Utilize Efficient Methods and Processes
The strictly managed methods, processes, and specialized software programs that CtR utilizes have delivered our clients the best value for their engineering and project management needs.

Manage the Efficient flow of Communication and Information
Thedocuments and databases that CtR uses have been developed and fine-tuned over the course of many projects and years. We utilize the latest server and web based software programs to develop, share, collaborate, and track project information.We have some of the tightest project cost controls and quickest invoice processing in the industry. We know that project cash flow is a critical component of a successful project.

Utilize Local Construction Resources
We prefer to work with local project resources whenever possible. This approach generally delivers better vendor and supplier response time at a lower cost to the project. Additionally, local resources can usually help make introductions to key individuals within the building trades unions and the departments of local governing agencies. Early contact with trade and crafts groups, local building officials, and utilities providers, is necessary for good project planning.

What makes us a better choice than our competition?

  • Quick turn around and Proactive Project Management Techniques
  • Lower service rates and fees
  • Powerful database of vendor templates and project cost and estimating information
  • Standardized budgeting and estimating documents
  • Project schedules based on historical activities
  • Experienced project managers and engineers in the packaging field
  • Strong relationships with key equipment vendors and installation contractors
  • Certified PMP’s on staff